Lunch Box

Yepsy: The Ultimate Lunch Box

Eating cold and unappetising food in a plastic lunch box is a reality for most Australians who work on the road or at job sites. It’s either that or spending most of their lunchtime hunting down something warm – and usually unhealthy from take-out restaurants or supermarkets.

After years of either cold, soggy lunches or unhealthy take-outs, we decided that something must be done, and so, after some extensive research and development, we came up with the ideal solution. The ultimate self-heating lunch box.

Ideal for tradies, travellers, campers, and even office workers who do not have the time – or patience – to queue for the microwave, the Yepsy lunch box warmer offers the perfect way to still have hot, healthy food without the wait.

What You Can Expect From Yepsy Regarding a Heated Lunch Box

We all start feeling a little flat about halfway through the day when we need to rest up and refuel to feel energetic and productive for the last half of the day. Unfortunately, for millions of Australians, getting a healthy hot meal is out of the question as they are always on the go to attend meetings, do trade shows or to travel for conferences.

What Sets Yepsy Apart as a Tradie Lunch Box?

For many tradies – especially the self-employed ones – there is seldom an abundance of time to take off work and eat. The more you get done, the quicker, and potentially more you stand to get paid. Now, lunch doesn’t have to be a hastily gulped down sandwich anymore.

About Yepsy

An idea so good that it deserves to have a whole company built around it, the Yepsy electric lunchbox will change the way you think about lunchtime while on the road.

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