Portable Food Warmer

A portable food warmer

Perfect for campers, tradies, boaties and travellers.


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A Portable Microwave Alternative

Designed for tradies, truckies, campers, boaties and people on the move. This heated lunchbox aims to give a low powered and convenient solution to heat ready made meals on the go. It's the food warmer you never knew you needed.

Low Powered Portable Food Warmer

Low Powered

Powered by your car 12V port, using little energy.

No Cold Spots Portable Food Warmer

No Cold Spots

Unlike a microwave, this heats up your food nice and evenly.

No Burning Portable Food Warmer

No Burning

Temperature controlled plate to prevent your food from burning.

Sick of the same old sandwiches, salad and sausage rolls?

Looking to make a healthy change to your lifestyle?

Tired of spending a small fortune on take-away food?

If you’re working onsite, remote or driving all day, your options for a healthy, hot and affordable meal are limited. You need something quick and easy so you can get back on the tools or in the driver’s seat and continue with your day. Unfortunately, this usually means either a fast food drive through or the local deli for whatever’s in the pie warmer.

Your pay packet’s taking a hit as well as your health. And when you have to loosen another notch on your belt, you know you need to find a solution.

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 Portable Food Warmer

A portable lunch warmer that runs off a 12v car charger or battery pack

Yepsy’s come up with a solution that makes it easy for you to have a hot meal on the go. Combining a thermal insulated bag with a 12v heating plate, the Yepsy lunch box warmer can be plugged into the lighter socket in your vehicle or attached to the Tradie Power Source Kit for battery heating.

Using Yepsy’s Thermoshift™ method to regulate the temperature, the heating plate reaches a maximum of 95°C, so your meal is hot, without burning or drying out. Suitable for use with glass, aluminium or plastic containers, the lunch box warmer is powerful enough to heat meals from frozen so you can meal prep for a week, saving you time and money.


 Portable Food Warmer

Designed to Australian Standards

Designed in Australia to Australian safety standards, the - Yepsy portable food warmer is a new alternative to heating pre-cooked homemade or store-bought meals in power restricted environments. Unlike microwaves the slow heating method won’t dry your food out, so you can be enjoying a delicious, hot meal in as little as 30 minutes.


 Portable Food Warmer

Heating Times

Heating times vary depending on what container you use, how much you're heating, what you're heating and what the surrounding temperature is. For example, using a stainless steel container with a flat bottom will conduct more heat than a thick plastic container. Generally it takes 2 hours for a frozen meal to heat up and less for a refrigerated meal.


Lunch Warmer Testimonial
“I use this every week now to heat my meals - either at work, during a random gig, or on the boat out on the Sydney Harbour. It’s great having another option when planning ahead of time. I can’t imagine how I used to live without it before.”

– Adam T, Sydney. Construction Worker

Lunch Warmer Testimonial
I don't have to waste time running to a shop to buy food, it's just there ready to go.. in the car. I can just heat the food up, eat and go straight back to the construction site.

– Ross C, Sydney. Builder

Happy customers

Tradie Portable Food Warmer

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The best way to heat your food while driving. Either while you are working or on that long trip away.

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