About Yepsy

Yepsy brings you a new alternative to heating pre-cooked meals and aims to make healthy eating more convenient for individuals in remote or power-restricted environments.

The idea started after trailing a meal prep program and, discovering how hard it was to maintain in a work situation. Spending ages wandering the city looking for something suitable or spending half my lunch break queuing for the microwave was simply inconvenient. Not to mention how inconvenient it was to eat a meal that’s been radiated of all it’s nutrients. So, without being able to find a suitable product on the market, I made it my mission to create a low- powered device that could regulates the temperature of your food without burning it.

In 2017 I began producing prototypes and testing with tradie mates to see if the idea had legs. Given the green light by those that needed the product most, I founded the company and gave it the name Yepsy, in homage to my Greek heritage.

(And yes, I know it’s not pronounced the same way as γεύση, but no-one told the small Aussie kid trying to understand his Yiayia, so Yepsy it is and always will be!).