Electric Food Warmer

Eat Anywhere with the Yepsy Portable Electric Food Warmer

If, like many Australians, you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to leave your work site to get a bite to eat, you have likely become accustomed to having cold, mostly unappetising lunches just for the sake of eating something. Lucky for you, hot lunches can be in your near future with a Yepsy electric food warmer.

At Yepsy, we grew tired of having to eat soggy sandwiches or cold leftovers for lunch every day and decided that we need to remedy the situation. We work hard after all, and we deserve a decent lunch to help us refuel for the afternoon.

The Yepsy electric lunch box was born out of necessity. You can enjoy a warm lunch wherever you are. Simply plug into the cigarette lighter socket of your car and wait for it to warm up.

The Benefits of Using the Yepsy Electric Heating Lunch Box

With Yepsy, lunch on-site or on the go will never be the same. While many electric hotplates are portable, they need a wall socket to warm your meal.

What Sets Yepsy Apart as Electric Lunch Box Food Heater

Who has time to spend half their lunch break driving from site looking for a decent meal? Unfortunately for most people who work on the road or on-site, it is either that or having a soggy, unappetising sandwich for lunch.

About Yepsy

Yepsy has been around for three years and has proven to be a hit with tradies, campers and travellers alike.

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