Car Food Heater

Enjoy a Hot Midday Meal with a Convenient Car Food Heater

What if you could head back to your work vehicle after a busy morning of hard work, open a car food heater, and enjoy a wonderfully warm lunch? There are often limited reasonable solutions out there for having an enjoyable meal at lunchtime on the job. Leaving the job site to find a bite to eat often isn't an option if you want to stick to the schedule and deliver a superior customer experience. That's not to mention that packing in your lunch is more cost-effective in the long term. At Yepsy, we recognised that tradies everywhere struggle daily with where and what to eat. If you're tired of cold and disappointing meals, our unique portable food warmer for the car is precisely what you need. What's this all about, you ask? Read on to discover more.

Problems a Car Food Warmer from Yepsy Addresses

We developed this unique product because we encountered too many frustrating problems, merely trying to have a proper lunch break. With those issues in mind, we designed and prototyped our product to address them directly. Some of the problems we tackled include:


The Benefits of the Yepsy Heated Lunch Box For Your Car

Aside from solving the problems above, we also wanted to provide our customers with some clear benefits — good reasons to choose to invest in our food warmer. What are a few of the key advantages our products bring to the table for you?


Tips Regarding Our Mobile Food Warmers for the Car

Ready to get started and order one of our products? We have some helpful tips and tricks for you to keep in mind to ensure you can make the most of your warmer. For the best results, remember these tips:

About Yepsy

With an idea originally conceived in 2017, Yepsy began as the idea of one person. Just like many others with busy workdays, we knew how challenging it was to maintain a healthy diet on the job. Today, after working hard on many prototypes, we're proud to deliver one of the most unique solutions for a food warmer portable enough for car usage. With fast shipping, products remain eligible for return up to 90 days after purchase — but we're sure you'll love the experience of using your new heated lunch box.

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