12v Car Food Warmer

Enjoy Hot Meals on the Go with Our Effective 12v Car Food Warmer

Yepsy puts a smile on your face when you open your lunchbox to a warm and hearty meal thanks to our 12v car food warmer. There are a few things worse than always being on the go, and when you want to take a break over a nice warm meal, all you have is a cold and unappetising lunchbox. We’ve decided to bring excitement back to your lunchbox.

Problems Our 12v portable food warmer Addresses

A considerable percentage of the hardworking men and women in our country are not office-bound. Think of our truckers, tradies and sales representatives.

We’ve added an automated switch to our handy 12v food warmer. As soon as your food reaches a temperature of 95°C, it immediately switches off, ensuring no burned food is ever on the menu.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your 12v Food Warmer

Our brilliant 12v portable solution to your hot meals comes with several nifty features to help you to make the most of your purchase.

History of Yepsy

Just like you, we simply became tired of standing in lines to wait for our turn at the office microwave to heat a meal. We had enough of spending an excessive amount paying for unhealthy takeaways. So, in 2017 we built our prototype, an idea to enable you to enjoy a warm meal wherever you are.
Are you ready to invest in enjoying warm meals with little effort with the help of our portable 12v car food warmer?
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